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test600xLearn more about Test 600x® - WATCH THE VIDEO

Pound for pound Test-600x® is one of the strongest and most comprehensive oral muscle builders on the market, with a reputation founded on rapid results in the form of MASSIVE muscle gains, RIDICULOUS strength, a SMALLER waistline, and REDUCED body fat this formulation is incredible. Plus, Test-600x® effectively works on your masculinizing properties to enhance SEXUAL PERFORMANCE, by increasing SEX DRIVE & STAMINA. This powerful multi-faceted product is often stacked as the base in both CUTTING and BULKING cycles, but can also be taken alone in "Test600x only" cycles for remarkable STAND-ALONE RESULTS which dramatically impact both your training and quality of life. Test600x® was designed to help by:

  • Swiftly promoting huge lean muscle mass gains
  • Improving attitude & mood, and sleep & health for greater well being
  • Substantially decreasing stress while augmenting mental clarity
  • Enhancing activeness and energy for true revitalization
  • Significantly increasing Fat Free Mass (FFM) for reducing body fat
  • Producing stronger and firmer spontaneous erections
  • Enhancing male potency and libido for improved overall sexual performance