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Buy Equipoise


The steroid Equipoise contains boldenone undeclynate as the active ingredient. The properties of Equipoise are quite similar to testosterone as it is said to formed by slightly altering the testosterone molecule. This makes Equipoise strongly anabolic but only half as androgenic. The muscle mass and strength gains with this steroid are not rapid and only those athletes and bodybuilders who seek superior quality muscles buy Equipoise. It was initially used in the vet clinics on horses and as athletes and bodybuilders use anything that enhances muscle mass and strength gains with little side effects, this vet drug became a popular steroid.

How it Works

If you are looking for rapid gains then this steroid is not for you. Only those athletes, bodybuilders and leisure users buy Equipoise who are more interested in a slow but steady build up of muscle mass. The muscle buildup may be slow but the muscle quality is quite superior.

Bodybuilders and athletes buy Equipoise for the steady weight gain they can achieve with this steroid. The weight gain is slow and it takes more than four weeks for it to become noticeable. The best thing about this drug is that the weight gained is not due to water retention but is purely muscle mass.

The impressive strength gain this steroid gives is another reason why athletes buy Equipoise. Equipoise increases the number of red blood cells in the body and so there are more carriers of oxygen and more hemoglobin which raise the strength and stamina of the user as well as his endurance level. The user can now undergo intense training without getting tired too soon. It also increases the appetite of the user.

Another reason athletes and bodybuilders buy Equipoise is that it has a very low tendency to aromatize. Aromatization is the process in which testosterones in the body convert to estrogen and cause water retention, gynocomastia and fat deposition. Water retention is good for bulking as it adds weight to the body but it deprives the muscles of their sharpness and firmness making them look smooth and spongy instead. Gynocomastia is the abnormal development of breasts in men. As with Equipoise none of these effects surface when taken in controlled dosages, bodybuilders buy Equipoise for cutting cycles where dry muscles and a lean fat free body are required.

As this steroid was meant for horses, the dosage for humans is based purely on assumptions and its active half life which is around 15 days. Most experts agree that a dosage between 200 mg to 600 mg per week is good for men while women should keep their dosage between 50 mg and 100mg per week. The steroid cycle of Equipoise is 10 to 12 weeks.

This steroid is not for human use and therefore does not have FDA’a approval. However you can buy Equipoise on the black market or from online pharmacies. Online pharmacies are getting more popular day by day as secure sources from where you can buy steroids. For gaining muscles, Equipoise is often used with other steroids.

Side Effects of Equipoise

Although the rate of aromatization is low and the possibility of gynocomastia and water retention is minimal, both can occur if Equipoise is taken for a long time in higher doses. Equipoise can easily be detected in the urine even if the last dose was taken five months ago. Many athletes and players have been suspended as they tested positive.

It affects the scalp and the skin and causes oily skin, acne and hair loss. Complaints of fatigue and high blood pressure are also common with this steroid which can also cause testicular atrophy.