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Buy Insulin


It has been observed that bodybuilders and athletes go to any length to gain muscles and strength. In their quest for the ideal muscular frame they experiment with a lot of things such as prescription drugs, veterinary steroids and even synthetic hormones like insulin. Insulin occurs naturally in the body. It is actually a protein hormone secreted by the liver and it performs important functions such as it converts the glucose present in the body into glycogen, it checks non-carbohydrates from converting into glucose and over all it controls and balances the sugar levels in the body. In the world of bodybuilding insulin was found to be quite effective in gaining muscle mass and bodybuilders buy insulin to get muscles.

How it Works

Studies show that insulin increased the process of protein synthesis in muscles by increasing the absorption of various nutrients including proteins in the cells; greater amount of protein means bigger muscle size. Bodybuilders also buy Insulin because it exhibits other anabolic qualities like increasing the density of the bone and raising the IGF-1 levels in the body. The IGF-1 is a naturally occurring hormone itself which stimulates cell growth. Users also buy Insulin because it prevents muscle destroying processes from taking place.

Those interested in bulking also buy Insulin as it adds weight to the body in a short span of time.  However unlike other steroids which consume the fat stored in the as fuel, insulin actually causes fat deposition and adds weight to the body.

Another reason bodybuilders have to buy insulin is that it increases the FSH or the Follicle Stimulating Hormone and LH luteinizing hormone in the body. These two hormones in turn increase the testosterone production in the body of the user.

Insulin is quite inexpensive and is easily available. If you want to buy insulin as a steroid then you should consider online sources. Online sources are a reliable choice when you want to buy steroids.

Drawbacks of Insulin

Insulin causes fat storage and this is its drawback. However a serious drawback of insulin is that it disturbs your natural sugar levels and in some cases the sugar level may fall so drastically that it may take the user in the state of hypoglycemia. In hypoglycemia, the user falls unconscious and may go into coma; in severe cases the user can suffer from brain damage or may die. Those non diabetics who take insulin injections should immediately take something sweet or rich in carbohydrates after injecting themselves to avoid hypoglycemia from occurring. Usually the body signals the onset of hypoglycemia as hunger pangs and drowsiness; if such symptoms occur the user must immediately eat something rich in sugar. Insulin causes fat deposition which could be a problem if you are not looking for weight gains.

Different types of insulin are available in the market but bodybuilders prefer Insulin Humalog which is the fastest acting insulin and Insulin Humulin R which works for short duration. Though Humalog fulfills the requirements of the bodybuilders, it is out of their reach as they cannot buy it without a prescription. The second and most practical choice therefore is Humulin R as the person does not require a prescription to buy it. Humulin R reaches the peak level quickly and leaves the body quickly too. Insulin should be taken in daily doses of 5 to 15 i.u but newbies are advised to begin with an initial dose of 1 or 2 i.u. Insulin cannot be taken by a normal syringe you need an insulin pen to inject it.

You must know before you buy Insulinthat it is a tricky drug and it should not be administered without consulting a doctor.