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Buy Propionate


Propionate is a short term ester which when combined with the steroid testosterone in oil base forms the powerful Testosterone Propionate steroid. This strong steroid produces rapid results and that is why bodybuilders and athletes buy propionate steroid. The rapid gains along with the superior quality muscle build up have made this steroid a favorite among users.

How it Works

Propionate ester has a short active life of about four days; this short life gives it an advantage that the absorption in the body is quick and the results are quickly achieved. However a short half life also means frequent injections which can be pretty painful. Bodybuilders and athletes buy Propionate steroid as it gives an amazing and dynamic muscle mass. The muscle quality is quite superior and firmer as compared to other testosterone based steroids as the propionate ester causes little water retention. Water retention is a desirable quality if you want to add weight to the body as in bulking phases but it takes away the firmness from the muscles leaving them spongy. As comparatively drier muscles are achieved with this steroid, users mostly buy propionate steroid for cutting purposes. Some experts claim that propionate steroid also makes useful contributions towards bulking while some call its bulking abilities below average.

The dramatic muscle gains are mostly due to the fact that propionate steroid triggers nitrogen retention; the greater the nitrogen content in the body, the greater is the protein synthesis which means more protein gets stored in the  muscle cells and the end result is a better  growth of muscle mass.

The bodybuilders and athletes also buy propionate steroid for power gains and enhanced stamina. The number of red blood cell count increases with this steroid and so it supplies more oxygenated blood to the body. It gives more stamina to the user for intense workouts and helps him prepare better for on-field performance. It helps the body to recover from the stressful exercises fairly quickly and the user also recovers from any muscle injuries they occur during training. Bodybuilders and athletes also buy propionate steroid because it removes the unwanted fat from the body making it leaner and more muscular.

Propionate steroid is not as frequently used as other testosterone steroids however it is often stacked with other steroids such as Dianabol, Deca Durabolin and Anadrol. Propionate steroid is an important part of the powerful steroids Omnadren and Sustanon. You can buy propionate steroid as intramuscular injections from online sources. You can buy steroids from online sources as they are not only a safer option but also cost much less than black market. Steroids available on the black market are more expensive and often prepared in unhygienic underground labs. These steroids are under dosed and at times fake so online sources are much better.

The usual dose of propionate steroid is 50 mg to 100mg and is taken every second day. Some professional bodybuilders and athletes take this dosage daily taking the weekly uptake to 300 mg to 700 mg.

Side Effects of Propionate Steroid

Propionate steroid causes a number of problems for the users. It converts to DHT (DiHydroTestosterone) and thus adversely affects the skin and hair of the users. It causes the sebaceous glands to become overactive and thus release a lot of sebum which gives the skin an oily look. It also causes acne to erupt on the back, chest, arms and shoulders. It may also appear on the neck and the face. Hair loss also occurs with this steroid and generally follows the male pattern baldness. Virilization, gynocomastia and mood swings are common with this steroid.