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When it comes time to buy steroids you have so many options you can choose from; injectable steroids, oral steroids, steroids with long-esters, steroids with short-esters, Nandrolone’s, Trenbolone’s , Boldenone’s and testosterones galore. You have so many options to choose from the list could easily be pages and pages long but when it comes time to buy steroids, the grade, well in this case you generally have two options; Human or Underground.

When you buy steroids you will often be tempted by the lower priced underground brands; no one likes paying more than they have to when they can get the same product for less. For example, if a car is priced at $30,000 and you can get the exact same car for half the price at another dealer you’re obviously going to go for the better deal; same car either way, so why not save some money? Everyone likes saving money but when you buy steroids the same principles as they pertained to our car do not apply. The cold truth is testosterone from an underground lab versus Human grade testosterone is not the same thing; we are not set in-front of an apples for apples situation.

Underground Labs

Underground labs have existed for decades and for many years the products they turned out were of fantastic quality mimicking perfectly the steroids you could buy at your corner RX. As with many things in life the business of underground labs has turned sour and left a sour taste in the mouths of many. Make no mistake, if you’re looking to buy steroids there are still some quality underground labs on the market, although few and far between but in most cases buying from an underground lab will always be illegal depending on where you live.

The problem(s) with underground labs by in large is quality control. Underground steroids are not manufactured under the supervision of a governing body’s codes and regulations. Some underground labs manufacture their products in labs that are quite pristine but most do not; it is not uncommon at all for a lab to manufacture steroids in a lab that is nothing more than a bathtub and a stove. Because of this fact when you buy steroids from many underground labs they will be what we so fondly refer to as “dirty gear” gear. “Dirty Gear” can lead to an infection, make you sick, and cause whelps and knots and a whole lot of pain. Another common problem many who buy steroids from underground labs run into is dosing. Even if the gear is clean and is exactly what it is supposed to be, again, because of the lacking of regulation many of these labs severely under-dose their product(s). The two reasons that lead to this problem; a lab desiring to cut cost in order to turn a larger profit or simply because of careless mixing procedures; either way, if you buy steroids from an underground lab you never fully know what you’re going to get.

Human Grade

Our next option and this should always be our first and only option is when we buy steroids; buying human grade gear. The most obvious reason is in the name itself “Human Grade.” These steroids were designed and made specifically for human use. More importantly, they are made in a restricted environment meaning they are made in a sterile lab under regulation and supervision. When you buy steroids from a human grade supplier you never wonder if your steroids will be clean, you never concern yourself with thoughts regarding proper dosing; you know each injection or tab is exactly what it is supposed to be and that it will be every time.

Many people who buy steroids are often suckered in to the low prices of underground gear their first go-around and it is true, they get results. Even if the gear is a little dirty or a little under-dosed, if it is actual gear results will show. However, health-risk aside, don’t you want to get your money’s worth? Many people who buy steroids once they get a taste for human grade gear they never go back. Think of it like this; you are offered a steak, you’ve never had steak, you eat the steak and you like it. Once you’re next meal comes around you are presented with an option, steak or dirt; you used to eat dirt but you were unaware of steak but now that you are aware what are you going to pick? Obviously you’ll pick steak and when it’s time to buy steroids human grade is the big juicy steak.

Buy Steroids