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Buy Testosterone


Testosterone is the sex hormone naturally produced in the body. It is produced in men and to a much lesser extent in women. It is the primary sex hormone in men and plays an important part in the growth and development of male reproductive organs. It also performs other functions such as building of muscles, enhancing the bone density etc. Testosterones are also synthetically produced and bodybuilders, power lifters and athletes the world over buy testosterone to enhance their muscles and benefit from the other gains.

How it Works

Bodybuilders and athletes buy testosterones for a variety of purposes; testosterone helps in muscle building, it adds bulk to the body, raises strength levels and enhances performance.  Nobody can deny the importance of testosterones in bodybuilding; testosterones enhance nitrogen retention and protein synthesis in the body. This results in an improvement and enhancement in the shape and size of the muscles. The bodybuilders and athletes primarily buy testosterones for the enhanced muscle mass. Testosterone builds muscles and protects it from potential damage due to muscle wasting processes such as protein catabolism. Protein catabolism causes the proteins stored in the muscles cells to breakdown thereby damaging the muscles. Testosterones block all such processes. They also increase the activity of the satellite cells; satellite cells help the body to heal from muscular injuries which the bodybuilders, power lifters and athletes often suffer from during intense trainings.

Bodybuilders and athletes also buy testosterone to increase the stamina of the user. The increase in the stamina occurs because testosterone steroid increases the number of red blood cells in the body which results in the greater supply of oxygenated blood and hence enhanced stamina. The raised energy levels give the user more vigor to train and put up the best performance. Bodybuilders and athletes often get tired and hurt themselves during training; with this steroid the users not only get renewed energy but also recover quickly from the exhausting workouts.

You can buy Testosterone as injections, implants, gel applications and patches. Bodybuilders take it in the form of injections and a weekly dose of 500mg of testosterones is enough.

Since it is a banned drug, it is difficult to buy testosterone from brick and mortar pharmacies. Earlier the user had only one option to buy steroids; the black market but now you can also buy steroids from online pharmacies. The steroids sold on the black market are often sub standard and prepared in underground labs under unhygienic conditions. The price of the steroids sold on the black market is also high and as it is illegal to buy steroids, the fear that you may find yourself on the wrong side of the law is always there. The online pharmacies on the other hand are quite safe as they hold a license and deal in authentic steroids only. They also deliver the products you have ordered securely. The price is comparatively low as well.

Side Effects of Testosterone Steroid

Testosterone steroids have the strong tendency to aromatize. Aromatization is the conversion of testosterones into estrogens. Estrogens are female sex hormones and estrogenic activity can play havoc in men as they cause gynocomastia, water retention and fat deposition. Gynocomastia is the development of breasts in men; this happens because the estrogens in the body bind with receptors in the breast tissue and get deposited there. Water retention adds weight to the body which is good for bulking but causes the muscles to bloat up.

Virilization is also a side effect in which women develop male characteristics. Acne, mood swings, hair loss, insomnia and decreased sexual drive are other side effects a user suffers from.