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Buy Testosterone Propionate


Testosterone Propionate is oil based compound of the steroid testosterone and the ester propionate. Propionate is a short term ester meaning that it has a short active half life of about four and a half days. The advantage of this short half life is that the user experiences rapid gains but on the downside, it needs to be injected frequently. Bodybuilders and athletes buy Testosterone Propionate because of the quick results it shows.

How it Works

Bodybuilders, power lifters and athletes buy Testosterone Propionate because it is a strong anabolic steroid which as it has a short half life it readily absorbs in the body to produce rapid gains.

This steroid produces superior quality muscles and for this reason bodybuilders buy Testosterone Propionate as it not only helps the muscles to grow in size but also greatly enhances their shape and quality. Testosterone Propionate causes an increase in the nitrogen retention which in turn stores more proteins (the muscle builders) in the muscle cells. It also saves the muscles from muscle wasting hormones and processes.

You can buy Testosterone Propionate if you want to enhance your stamina and the endurance level in the body. This steroid increases the red blood cell count in the body which results in a greater supply of oxygenated blood in the body and so increases the stamina. An athlete requires additional stamina to train more for better field performance; Testosterone Propionate not only gives this stamina but also accelerates the body’s recovery time. It also increases the activity of satellite cells which heal the damaged muscles in the body.

One of the reasons users buy Testosterone Propionate is that it does not cause water retention and therefore does not bloat the body or destroy the hard ripped muscles the users have gained.  But this characteristic also goes against it; water retention causes weight gain and is needed during bulking. As water retention with this steroid is below average, it does not make a good bulking agent. Some bodybuilders however disagree with this analysis and insist that weight gains with this steroid are also considerable provided you take it in the right amount and with other steroids. Usually men take around 50 mg to 100 mg of this steroid every alternate day while athletes and bodybuilders take this dosage everyday.

Testosterone propionate is a bit expensive and like other steroids, it cannot be bought over the counter. Nowadays you can buy steroids from online pharmacies. It is easy to buy steroids as you do not have show a prescription; you just need to place an order online and make the payment either through credit cards or money transfer schemes. The delivery is fast and you can actually save money by ordering steroids online.

Testosterone Propionate is a versatile steroid and can be used with a lot of steroids to produce better results. The steroids normally stacked with this steroid are Primobolan, Winstrol and Oxandrolone. When combined with other steroids the muscle density increases and the side effects become less pronounced.

Side Effects of Testosterone Propionate

The side effects of Testosterone Propionate are the same as those of other testosterone based compounds. This steroid readily aromatizes thus causing side effects like gynocomastia and water retention if taken in large doses. It causes Virilization in women which can be pretty serious as some of the physical changes women undergo during Virilization are permanent (facial and body hair and deep thick voice). However the above mentioned side effects only occur if Testosterone Propionate is taken in large doses and for a long time.

Steroid acne, hair loss, oily skin and aggression are other adverse effects of this drug. The users have also reported negative effects like lethargy, insomnia, anxiety and increased sweating.