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Testosterone cypionate is an injectable steroid one of the most fast acting testosterone steroid since it reaches the bloodstream faster than oral steroids. Men have a lot more testosterone than women and it is the hormone that makes them men. They have more body hair and more facial hair due to this hormone; they have deeper voices and develop the Adam’s apple due to the presence of this hormone in their bodies. It is also the reason why men have a lot more muscles than fat in their bodies compared to women. This is a hormone that has been made synthetically and can be used as a steroid by those who want to increase their physical performances. The synthetic form of testosterone hormone is not any different from the natural testosterone hormone.  The difference between testosterone cypionate and regular testosterone is the fact that the former has been modified for slow and steady release in the bloodstream after some time. Testosterone is also one of the best hormones for the restoration of damaged cells, making it the best option for use in building and exercising which often leads to a lot of injuries that you have to recover from.

Testosterone cypionate is great for fat loss, and the reduction of the effects of glucocorticoid hormones that waste the muscles and destroy them. It has the characteristic of increasing the amount of oxygen in the muscles by increasing in the number of red blood cells. 

As usual, the side effects of testosterone cypionate are the same as those of regular testosterone steroids. One of the side effects is the one that is brought about by aromatization; the change of testosterone into estrogen. Aromatization is what cause gynecomastia in men and Virilization in women as well as water retention. You can beat these side effects by controlling the use of testosterone cypionate and using anti-estrogen steroids as well as diuretics to get rid of water retention in the muscles. For me,n long term usage of testosterone cypionate may lead to infertility as the testes may shrink. The side effects include high blood pressure, acne and oily skin. Because of its characteristics as a water retaining steroid, testosterone cypionate is best used when bulking and not when cutting. The recommended amount you need in your body is 400 to 600 mg, nothing more. Anything more than this will lead to excessive side effects, some of which, like Virilization, are not reversible.

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