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Any user of steroids loves dianabol; since it has the ability to increase the muscle weight in any of its users. It is very effective and does not need a lot of accompanying changes in diet and exercise for anyone to notice the difference. However, you still have to keep in mind the effect of this steroid on the liver and maintain a small dosage all the time. It has been used for some time by athletes who want to increase muscle mass and gain strength.

Dianabol is more anabolic than androgenic and made its début in the market in 1960. At the time, there was not much of a regulation in drugs in competitive games and athletes used it. Its efficiency and perceived fewer side effects made it one of the most popular steroids of the time. It was easy to acquire too but it started waning in popularity due to the side effects. Still, many athletes use it although in controlled dosages. Among men, gynecomastia is a potential side effect and to make it worse it is likely to show up as soon as you start using it. Gynecomastia is a real challenge since it is permanent and can only be removed by surgery. When this happens, it is because the rate of change from testosterone to estrogen is very high and with the presence of this female hormone in a man’s body, breasts start to develop. Water retention is also a big concern; this means that while you will have a lot of muscles to increase your strength, you will not have much use for them because of the pain and tiredness that comes with water retention. They present themselves too fast as well. General side effect of dianabol includes acne and general body weakness alongside facial hair and oily skin.

Dianabol is loved for its ability to increase aggression among its users which is good for anyone exercising for a competition. This aggression will increase the amount of time you will place in exercising and hence you will get better physical results but it also has to be regulated as aggression can also be negative. Because of the Virilization side effects of dianabol it is used by men more than women. It should not be used for a long time because of its effect on the liver. Take a dosage of 20-40mg to get the best results and minimize the possible side effects that come with it.

- Dbol profile.