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You can use insulin for bodybuilding and other competitive sports since its qualities as a regulator of glucose metabolism are desired in bodybuilding. It has been referred to as the most natural anabolic steroid made by the body itself in the regulation of glucose content in the body. In the last few decades, people using insulin have been bulking faster and maintaining their added weight and it is interesting that they are doing so using insulin. To add to that is the fact that the insulin is very cheap and is a legal drug which can be accessed over the counter with much ease compared to other steroids.

Insulin is secreted by the pancreas and its main function is the regulation of sugar in the body as well as aiding in protein synthesis. When you have insulin in your system you will be increasing your level of protein synthesis and this will aid in the building of muscles. Any steroid that aids in protein synthesis calls for a lot of change in diet since you have to supply the body with the proteins that have to be synthesized. This means that you have to provide as much protein as your body will need with the new supply of insulin.

One of the risks of using insulin as a steroid is an overdose of the steroid, which means you will not have enough glucose in your system to manage your daily activities in the body. This will mean that the body could go into hypoglycemic shock for the lack of glucose in the system. Some of the symptoms of this are hunger (obvious from the lack of glucose in the body), paleness and weakness as well as trembling and anxiety. In extreme cases, there will be a change in the moods of the user and perhaps the loss of consciousness. This can be taken care of by feeding the person who feels hunger of take anything that has sugar, like honey or a soft drink. Make sure this is the kind that can be absorbed into the body fast. You can get sugar in some capsules of glucose powder sold commercially. Insulin shock or hypoglycemia is less likely to happen in the bulking phase since one is accompanying his insulin with the intake of proteins and sugar in the diet. It is only when the diet proportions have ceased that one is likely to get hypoglycemia.

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