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Legal Steroids


There are many options to obtaining legal steroids; which too many may come as surprise. In general, legal steroids are the same as illegal steroids, the key difference is in one case you have a prescription; the other scenario is you do not. It actually is that simple, however, when it comes to the types and forms of legal steroids you can get your hands on, you are limited to a degree. When buying anabolic steroids on the black market you have isles and isles to shop up and down but when you obtain legal steroids with a prescription that “isle” becomes more of a small dusty shelf in the back of the store. Do not misunderstand, these legal steroids are the same as many you can purchase from your local dealer and in many cases of higher quality, the amounts and options are simply far less. For example; a very common steroid among avid gym rats is Trenbolone; it is a favorite among many but Trenbolone is not made legally by any human grade manufacturer and therefore not available with a prescription, placing it in its own category opposite of legal steroids.

There is also another category that seems to get more and more attention and this is steroid alternatives and in some cases these alternatives are legal steroids yet to be banned. Countless supplement companies year after year are looking for the new big thing in performance enhancing they can sell over the counter. Most are familiar with pro-hormones that are for the most part anabolic steroids that have been altered in a way that makes them slightly different and therefore completely legal. Granted, many pro-hormones are now illegal; in 2004 the U.S. government reinforced the 1990 Steroid Control Act pulling many of the pro-hormones or legal steroids off the shelves. Even so many supplement companies continue to find new ways to manufacture legal steroids and year after year they are pulled off the shelves as well but this only leads to new legal alternatives being produced; it seems to be an endless cycle.

Many law makers do not understand why so many eagerly desire anabolic steroids in the first place; after all, in their view they are only looking out for the health and well-being of the people. That’s well and fine but if you are someone who contemplates using legal steroids or illegal for that matter, like so many you desire to decide what’s best for you and not a stuffy suit behind a desk.  Continually these suits do all they can to bring the steroid market down, including legal steroids and the ability to purchase them but as long as people desire to better their physique, better their performance or to simply live in a manner they best see fit, the market for legal steroids will survive and will continually evolve and progress where needed.

A very important note and most anyone with a partially functioning brain can see the wisdom in this; when and if you decide steroids are right for you make the decision to stay legal. Legal steroids are available; they are far safer in terms of your health as well as pertaining to your freedom. Every year countless people fall prey to the temptation of cheaper prices and that is understandable but every year there are those who end up sick, with an abscess or worse yet locked behind bars. All of these things are avoidable and it can’t be denied, legal steroids will cost your pocket book a little bit more but is the tradeoff not worth it? Of course it is.