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Methyltestosterone is an 17-alpha-methyl altered steroid, which is so because it has to pass through the liver and come out in one piece once it is ingested. It has to be effective since it is an oral steroid which can get destroyed by the liver when it passes through the body. Most of the steroids of this type have been altered to achieve this end and most of them are very toxic to the liver. Being a sensitive organ, any toxicity to the liver needs to be taken seriously and the dosage should be reduced. To prevent any toxicity the methyltestosterone steroid needs to be well regulated for the sake of the health of the user. This means that anyone with liver problems needs to steer clear of this drug. This is a testosterone steroid that has been altered to be used orally and this therefore means that the side effects are the same as with other testosterone based hormones. The high rate of aromatization in methyltestosterone is still an issue and it needs to be well considered when using it. You will develop gynecomastia if you are a man and Virilization if you are a female user. On that note, anything that has Virilization as one of the side effects should not be used by women under any circumstances not unless they are ready to deal with more hair on their bodies and facial hair as well as the deepening of the voice. Other side effects involve acne and oily skin, water retention and hair loss.

Methyltestosterone has been known to compromise the supply of testosterone to the body, since this is also a testosterone based hormone. After the use of methyltestosterone the supply may resume. As for the benefits of using this steroid, you will have a lot of aggression. Most people do not know the role of aggression when preparing for a match or for any competition. Having aggression will mean that you will be itching to exercise and put on more muscles for more strength, this will mean the loss of more fat compared to anyone who does not have the aggression. Interestingly you may have all the strength in the world and have the facilities to exercise but if you do not have the passion and aggression, you will not make an impression in athletics. Using methyltestosterone will mean that you take a break from anything that may stress the liver alongside this steroid, e.g. drugs and alcohol. For the best results, ensure that you have exercised and dieted.

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