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Omnadren is a testosterone steroid that has four esters, and has therefore been referred to as the better version of many testosterone steroids. It is very closely related to the Sustanon steroid. They both have four esters but omnadren has the caproate ester and Sustanon has the decanoate ester. For anyone looking for the cheaper version of Sustanon, you have it in omnadren since the results and effects of both are very similar. Omnadren has two short esters, propionate and phenylpropionate which are in smaller concentration in the steroid. This means that they take a short time to leave the body and if one chooses to inject this steroid once in a week, these esters may not have a lot of effect in the body. It is recommended that you inject at least once every other day or everyday, if it is not so much of an effort on your part. Then there is the long ester, caproate which will take some time compared to short esters but effects are longer lasting. Having a lot of it in your system calls for injection every now and then hence the need to inject steroids for this buildup of energy.

As with any other testosterone steroids, issues of aromatization will always creep up. This means that you will always have a lot of estrogen in your system after you have used the omnadren for some time. Having this much estrogen in your system means you have a lot of water in the muscles as well since estrogen leads to water retention. While you may have a lot of strength in the first few months of using omnadren, you will not sustain it due to the buildup of water in the muscles. This means that this is a steroid that should not be used for a long term. The side effects of aromatization are some of the things you need to have in mind if something is going to come out of your steroid.

For anyone using omnadren or any other steroid, you know the value of eating well and exercising as these two are the ones that will determine how far you will go with your steroids. The more quality food you eat the better defined muscles you will have. Using anti-estrogen drugs will go a long way in minimizing the side effects that come with aromatization. This will go a long way too.

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