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Testosterone propionate is a testosterone steroid whose only difference with other testosterone  is the ester propionate which is one of the shortest esters alongside testosterone. Since it is a short steroid, it has fewer side effects compared to the testosterone steroids but the side effects are the same. Testosterone propionate is both anabolic and androgenic, meaning that it can be used for bulking. It is especially functional when it comes to nitrogen synthesis, the process in the body that increases the protein levels in the muscles. Having a lot of protein in the muscles need someone to adjust his diet depending on what he wants to achieve with his muscles at the end of the day.

Testosterone propionate, having testosterone as a base hormone will increase the activity of satellite cells, which promote healing of burns and wasted muscles. This is why it can be used to manage diseases that cause the wastage of muscles. Testosterone propionate is also great for fat loss, and since many people who are building their muscles want this accompanied by significant fat loss, testosterone propionate ensures that you have lost as much fat as possible from the muscles and you have gained as much as possible from the exercises.

Testosterone propionate also increases the red blood cells in the body, meaning that it can also be used in the management of anemia. For those who want an increase in aggression levels when using this steroid, testosterone propionate has been used to increase the level of aggression so that you can exercise and produce better physical results from any physical training. With the extreme side effects that other testosterone steroids come with, this steroid’s side effects are not that extreme. Testosterone propionate has also been known to have a positive effect on the reduction of bad cholesterol in the heart. This means that you have a less chance of getting coronary heart diseases compared to other steroid users.

Testosterone propionate gets out of the body very fast, which means an athlete who has to go through a drugs test will not have it in his system by the time he is undergoing the drugs test. Even as the side effects of testosterone propionate are not as extreme as any other testosterone steroids, there are side effects that you have to content with. Gynecomastia and water retention are some of them. Of course, there is the hair loss and the acne to accompany them as well as Virilization among female users.

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