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Roid Rage


The murder-suicide case of pro-wrestler Chris Benoit brought to the fore many questions about roid rage and what it is. He was a constant user of steroids and it is believed that in his aggression he killed his family and himself. Some time later, his doctor was sentenced to ten years for prescribing steroids to the deceased pro-wrestler. For anyone who had seen the performance of this wrestler in the ring, you will be forgiven to have thought he was drugged or something. His performance was definitely a result of using steroids but it was his aggressiveness and the lack of impulse control that led to the death of his family and himself.  While one can point out a lot of parties in which to lay the blame you cannot forget to point out that the deceased man is as much to blame for his own death as his doctor.

Steroids will increase the capacity of the body to synthesis proteins and therefore increases the size of the muscles of the body. Most anabolic steroids will increase the aggressiveness of the user which will mean that you will put in extra effort in training and eating well and this will lead to better performance in any sport you are part of. Since anabolic steroids will also promote the healing of muscles after a long time of training, you will be encouraged by the results of your training and you will no doubt improve with time.

However, aggressiveness can be positive and negative depending on where you want to direct it. Some people are never supposed to use anabolic steroids because they are not mentally stable. Mental instability has a large definition when it comes to steroid-use candidacy, so even if you have been treated for depression at any one time you are not supposed to be using any steroids. One is more likely to act out and hurt other people when he has a history of depression than when he is not. The amount of steroids that have been used by the person will also determine how far he will go with his aggression and so will the length of time he has been using the steroids.

You will be able to notice aggressiveness in a person if he has more assertive louder and ‘less-concerned’. This may increase with time to the level of being irritable and moody and any of these should be seen as negative and a reason to stop taking the steroids or reducing the dosage. A small percentage of aggressiveness in the world of steroids will lead to total psychiatric disorders. In some cases a person will lose memory or become so depressed as to take his own life and those of others. It is important as a user of steroids to be aware of the personal limits of your body. Information is power, and with it you will know how far you can go when using steroids. If you have anger control issues, you are not supposed to use steroids for a long time.