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Steroid Cycles


The planning of steroid cycles can be a daunting task for many and in some cases drive people to the brink of losing their mind when all the information is presented. There is so much information available regarding anabolic steroids and steroid cycle planning it’s often difficult to know what to listen to. There are many rumors and urban legends; there’s gym gossip galore and stories of almost a golden egg quality. Even so, there are absolute truths universally accepted and sometimes you have to do a little digging to find the core of each truth and when you’re planning steroid cycles one would assume you’d want only the best information to insure your steroid cycle is all it can be.

What are Steroid Cycles?

Steroid cycles are simply the time in-which you are using steroids. A steroid cycle may include one or more drugs during the time frame used; there is not a set amount of steroids be it by number of drugs or doses of each drug used. When we talk about the amounts, in terms of various drugs used when more than one is administered during a steroid cycle, this is what we refer to as “Stacking.”

Types of Steroid Cycles:

There are in general three types of steroid cycles common to the anabolic steroid using population; they are not limited to these three yet these are the most common:

  1. Strength and mass
  2. Promote a leaner and harder physique
  3. Promote athletic performance


There can be a mixing and matching of the three but nine times out of ten one path is chosen and for optimal results one path at a time is how you need to approach each steroid cycle. When you are planning which type of cycle to run your nutritional intake along with the steroid cycleis going to be of the upmost importance. Many anabolic steroids can be used in more than one type of cycle and some are better left out of certain steroid cycles. Let’s look at some examples:

Example 1:


This is a very common steroid cycle among competitive bodybuilders in the off-season. The “Off-Season” refers to the time of year in which they are adding size; lean muscle tissue to the body. However, this same steroid cycle can be and is used by many competitive bodybuilders as they diet in preparation for a show.  The difference in results is dependent on the amount and types of food the individual is ingesting, as well as cardiovascular training and fat burners they may use.

Example 2:


This is a common steroid cycle used by many looking for an added edge in performance in competitive sports; added human growth hormone (although not an anabolic steroid) and the individual will see above satisfactory results. However, when planning your steroid cycles, if it is one that serves a primary purpose of adding large quantities of lean tissue, the above example is a poor choice; at the same time, although a very relatively mild steroid cycle, the same individual who opts out of this cycle for gaining lean tissue may indeed use it or something similar in an effort to lean down and prevent muscle tissue loss.

How Long to Cycle:

This is a hard question to answer because ones goals and experience can largely affect the duration of any steroid cycle. Too short of a cycle and you’re wasting your time; too long and you run a greater risk of side effects but at the same time you may reap more of a reward. On average, if we are going to put a number on it, steroid cycles that range in the 12-16 week range is the norm. Understand, there is nothing magical about those numbers, a little less or a little more want make the sky fall and it won’t be the difference between turning you into the Hulk or leaving you like the stick man.

As you can see from the two examples above and literally thousands could be given, planning your anabolic steroid cycles does take some thought but there are limitless possibilities. If you are a first time user of anabolic steroids and are trying to plan out your first steroid cycle, keep it simple. A basic cycle of testosterone alone can do wonders for even the most seasoned of us of all; if you’re looking for a little more and would like to have a little fire in the cycle, add in something simple like a low dose of dianabol.