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Steroids for Sale


One of the most common complaints you hear from guys rubbernecking for steroid is the price they have to pay. At most any gym you can find steroids for sale and the price you’ll pay has often doubled or tripled its original value. There are little wanna-be Frank Lucas’s the gym world over with steroids for sale; $12 an amp for testosterone, $18 an amp, $100 per 10cc vile; onward and upward.

It shouldn’t be too difficult for even the simplest of us to understand; when any product changes hands numerous times the price inevitably goes up. I’m sure you’ve all seen commercials talking about “cutting out the middle man” or “buying direct” the same applies to the steroid market and the more hands it falls through, the higher the price climbs, making finding a satisfactory, fair price all the more difficult. Then you have the underground versus human grade factor to add in and when looking for steroids for sale this can be where the water gets a little murky.

Basic math and economics shows us the price of product “X” goes up when a middle man is involved; the more middle men involved the more it cost; the higher quality the product and the rate goes up even more; pretty cut and dry. But when it comes to steroids for sale something strange often happens; these basic truths sometimes take a unique twist; why? Because so many lifters haven’t a clue as to what they are actually buying. Most don’t understand the difference between underground and human grade; they hear “testosterone” and are left with “give me some” and they could care less where or how it was made inevitably driving the price up for even the lowest quality of gear on earth.

Let’s be clear; underground testosterone should never cost as much as human grade; if someone has human grade steroids for sale and they are similar to prices for underground gear, run for your life; you’re getting screwed plain and simple. Think about it; would you pay the same price per pound for flank steak as you would filet mignon? Sure, they’re both steak but they’re hardly of the same quality.

It’s basic logic; underground steroids are made in an environment that is unprotected; the law and regulations binding underground operations are non-existent. The potency and sterility is always in question; further, what’s in the little shiny bottle of oil is always, well, who knows. Now compare to human grade and what do you have? With human grade you have a product manufactured in a sterile environment, you are assured the ingredients are exactly as they are supposed to be; every milliliter is as it should be; if the bottle says “10cc Testosterone” you can rest assured every last drop is just that and of top shelf quality.

A lot of guys complain that finding human grade steroids for sale is too difficult and if they can the price is too high, especially when they can get a 50cc bottle of “Testosterone Dragon Slayer 5000” for a couple bucks. Compared to 50cc’s of human grade testosterone which could run from $300-$500 for the same amount it’s easy to see why the “Dragon Slayer” brands are so appealing.  Look at it this way, I have two cars for sale; I’ll sell you the four door sedan for $15,000 or you can buy the two door pimped out sports car for $4,000. You need a car and the cheaper car is a much better price and a cooler car to have; which one are you going to buy? Did I mention the sports car doesn’t have an engine? No, because I didn’t let you look under the hood and that is essentially what you’re getting when you purchase underground gear.

There’s another aspect we must talk about regarding steroids for sale and that is legality. In many countries it is illegal to buy steroids be it underground or human grade. However, in most countries, take the U.S. for instance, there are a host of measures you can take when looking for quality steroids for sale that will keep you within the legal scope of the law. You may end up paying more than you would if you bought your gear from your local Jimmy Neutron and you might not, it’s hard to say but you will be legal and you’ll also be purchasing human grade gear and both provide peace of mind that is hard to put a price on.

There are a host of hormone replacement clinics available across the globe and guess what, they have steroids for sale and they do so legally. With a simple physical and a little blood work, most any man thirty years of age or older can easily obtain a prescription for anabolic steroids and the product he will receive will be light years beyond any underground garbage he may find. What about the guy under thirty; sure, he can still obtain the legal prescription but in some cases it may be a little harder. If you’re natural testosterone production is through the roof you may be S.O.L. but that’s OK, enjoy your ridiculously high testosterone levels while you can; it won’t be too long before your numbers plummet and like the rest of us you’ll be in the market for quality legal steroids for sale.