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Sustanon has four esters and is a close relative of omnadren which also has four esters. The idea of having four esters was actually a matter of convenience rather than performance. It was thought that with the release of the esters in particular times, you will have a lot of testosterone levels in the bloodstream and not need another shot of testosterone for about a month. This sounds like heavenly news to anyone who does not want to prick himself everyday. Also, when you think about it, with the hygiene issues that come with using a syringe, Sustanon may have also been made to rid you of the risk that comes with it.  It was made as the all-in-one steroid and for some time it was a good one, except for the catch that comes with it; the fact that it is more expensive and its effect on the body is not any different from the other testosterone steroids.

Some of the positive effects of using this Sustanon steroid include the fat loss from the muscles of the body, as this make it easier for you to have more muscle mass in the body. Like any other testosterone, it works by stimulating protein synthesis in the muscles of the body. Muscles are made of protein therefore it is important to have a lot of proteins in the food you are eating. Muscle wasting diseases have been managed using Sustanon before and this is the same advantage it gives to those who want to develop huge muscles. It is important to be aggressive to achieve your goals as a bodybuilder and it is crucial. This is one of the few testosterones that will increase the levels of aggression in your system. The fact that you will have a lot of red blood cells in your system due to Sustanon means that you will endure exercises more and you will not have to deal with the downside of tiredness and sore muscles. This also means that you will recover from strenuous physical activity better than those who do not use this steroid.

As for the side effects it is just as the regular testosterone steroids, with the Virilization and gynecomastia side effects leading among the most severe side effects. Some of the other side effects include acne and balding as well as oily skin among others. You may gain some fat in your body after long term use of Sustanon.

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