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Testosterone Suspension


This is pure testosterone since it does not have any ester attached to it. It is different from testosterone since it is suspended in a water or oil base and this is the reason it is referred to as testosterone suspension. By having it suspended in a water base means that you will have a lot of testosterone compared to other testosterone steroids with esters. Many people do not want to use testosterone suspension that has been suspended in oil since the injection can be very painful and since you have to inject often, you will not be looking forward to your testosterone suspension shots.

Since testosterone suspension is an injectable steroid, it is perfect for anyone who wants a steroid that will leave his system fast. Anybody who is undergoing a drugs test will love using testosterone suspension as you will not have it in your system upon taking a drugs test. It has the same effects as those of any other testosterone steroids, as it increases the activity of the satellite cells, promoting healing in people who have muscle wastage. This is typical in people suffering from HIV and other muscle wasting diseases. It increases the red blood count in your body and this means lot more oxygen will be delivered to your muscles and that you will have more energy for your muscles. This also means faster bulking for you.

The muscle gain that testosterone suspension brings will be accompanied by fat loss, which is good for anyone who wants to build bulky muscles and maintain an image of gleaming muscles for good. Aggression is something we all want when performing physical exercises and testosterone suspension will also make us heal faster when we have been injured and when we have soreness in the muscles. Testosterone suspension is known to increase the healing rate in the muscles after tearing or after strenuous physical exercises. This means you will have the capacity to exercise more and build muscles faster.

As for the side effects, you can expect to get gynecomastia and the Virilization symptoms if you use them for a long time. The acne, hair loss and the oily face will be some of the side effects of using testosterone suspension for a long time. It is best used before a workout, especially if you are in a drug tested sport. This way you have the advantage of building the muscles as well as the aggression that many people can do with.

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