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Types of Steroids


It’s time for your next cycle of anabolic steroids; maybe it’s time for your first but either way you have hundreds of types of steroids to choose from. Orals and injectables, human grade or underground; testosterones, nandrolones; types of steroids that are more androgenic, types of steroids that carry a stronger anabolic rating; the list of the types of steroids to choose from truly goes on and on. When planning your cycle there is a list of things to consider when deciding what types of steroids you will use:

  • What are your long term goals
  • Are you trying to lean out or bulk up
  • Are you primarily concerned with strength
  • How concerned you are with your overall health
  • What’s the proper dosing for certain types of steroids
  • How long will you use the types of steroids you choose
  • Should you change up the types of steroids you ’re using during the cycle
  • How many times per week do certain types of steroidsneed to be injected or ingested


The list could easily go on and on and with the various number and types of steroids there are the lists of questions can at times be quite overwhelming.  When first planning your cycle one of the best places to start is with testosterone. Perhaps the most common steroid used in any cycle there are various types of steroids that fall into the “testosterone category. Some of the more common include:


These testosterones are the most commonly used listed above; there are variances in doses per milligram if you’re purchasing from an underground lab and some underground labs mix and match some of these testosterones together but in general when your choosing which types of steroids to use and it’s time to pick a testosterone, one of the best things you can do is to stay away from the high concentrated doses. Many of these high concentrations bring forth a lot of pain and it’s not uncommon for knots and lumps to develop from high concentrated doses. One way to look at it; there’s a right way and a wrong way to make testosterone, there is a manner in-which it is more stable and pleasing to the body and then there are methods that are not.

So how do you know which testosterone to choose? In truth, testosterone is simply testosterone and the type you choose will not make a massive difference. There is an exception in the list above and that is testosterone suspension; the only testosterone on the list suspended in water rather than oil. There is more to go into regarding these types of steroids but we have more to cover regarding other types of steroids.

Other than testosterone many steroid users stack other types of steroids with their testosterone and this is where the choices truly start growing. Many people like stacking an oral steroid with their testosterone and there are several types of steroids to choose from. Things like, Oxymetandrolone (Anadrol/droll/Abombs), Oxandrolone (Anavar/Var), Methandrostenolone (Dianabol/Dbol), Stanazol (Winstrol/Winny) and each one of these drugs has a specific purpose and function; however, there is some overlay in properties and effects with certain ones. For instance, both droll and dbol are very similar in many ways yet depending on the person the results can vary. In the end, you need to research each and every one of these types of steroids to find what best fits your suited purpose.

Beyond the common testosterones and orals often stacked together, this is when the list of types of steroids gets extremely long. If we listed all of them out you’d find yourself reading far longer than you desire. Beyond the other types of steroids there are other drugs necessary or useful in a cycle that are not anabolic steroids but just as important; things like Human Growth Hormone and other peptide hormones, Aromatase Inhibitors, thyroid hormones, etc. There truly are too many other things and types of steroids to list and go into beyond testosterones and simple orals but to give you an idea here are some examples of what kinds of stacks you can do with various types of steroids:


-WK: Week
-ED: Every Day
-EOD: Every other Day
-MG: Milligrams
-MCG: Micrograms
-PCT: Post Cycle Therapy

Example 1: (Perfect for a beginner)

WK 1-6 Dianabol 20mg/ed
WK 1-12 Testosterone Enanthate 500mg/wk
(Items needed for PCT: hCG & Nolvadex)

Example 2: Intermediate:

WK 1-6 Anadrol 50mg/ed
WK 1-12 Deca 400mg/wk
WK 1-12 Testosterone Cypionate 750mg/wk
WK 13-14 Testosterone Propionate 300mg/wk
(Items needed for PCT: hCG & Clomid)

Example 3: Intermediate/Advanced

WK 1-6 Dianabol 50mg/wk
WK 1-8 Trenbolone-Acetate 75mg/eod
WK 1-12 Testosterone Enanthate or Cypionate 1,000mg/wk
WK 13-16 Dianabol 50mg/ed
WK 13-16 Testosterone Propionate 400mg/wk
(Items needed for PCT: hCG, Nolva and/or Clomid)

Anabolic androgenic steroids:

  • oral and injectable
  • steroid powders
  • there are chemical names and brand names (Tylenol's drug name is acetaminophen)
  • black market steroids
  • legal steroids