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Before going to the benefits of using this steroid, it is best to deliver a warning that this is not the kind you want to use for a long time otherwise you risk damaging your liver. Winstrol has been modified on one of the four rings to include a pyrazol group and this is what makes it different from other testosterone steroids.  It is best used for cutting rather than weight gain and muscle gain. It has the advantage that it does not convert to estrogen in any circumstance and this means that the side effects associated with testosterone steroids have been eliminated. You will not have gynecomastia or Virilization with Winstrol.

Winstrol is used alongside testosterone steroids since it is not going to make you bulk significantly when used alone. While the testosterone steroid in your body will help you to bulk, Winstrol will help reduce the level of sex hormone binding globulin which as a result makes testosterone more active and stay long in the body. It has the disadvantage of making your joints sore after a long time of physical exercises.

Winstrol has been modified to ensue that it passes the liver during the first stage of digestion; this means that it will not be destroyed by the liver thus remaining active in the body. This modification is good in the sense that it can still be used by the body but if used in more than enough dosages, it can become too much for the liver to handle. It has the advantage of reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in your system. This means there is a lot less chance of developing diseases of the heart when using Winstrol.

To get maximum effects of using Winstrol and fewer side effects considering the fact that it is toxic to the liver, do not use it for more than 6 weeks at any one time. Limit the injections of Winstrol too, to make sure you are not damaging your liver in the long run. The side effects include acne and hair loss and oily skin as well. If you want better results, use the injectable Winstrol as it has been known to have a lot more nitrogen synthesis levels compared to the oral form of Winstrol. Winstrol is not the steroid to use if you want massive weight gains and increase in muscles and that is why it is used alongside testosterone steroids to achieve this end. It has been used by many people as the substitute for Anavar.

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